About Us

Meet Michael & Carol Barnes

Michael & Carol Barnes have built a partnership in marriage and business that succeeds through their joint  participation. Both reside in the state of Texas where  they provide several accounts of services, such as financial literacy, radio broadcasting and TV interviews. They have been blessed with an evolving purpose with versatile talents in self-development. This has allowed her to be featured in “Who’s Who In Black Dallas”, celebrating African American achievement of influence.

She formed the Tomorrow’s Purpose organization along with her husband Michael Barnes, as a creative way to teach 8 to 17 year olds writing and publishing industry fundamentals. The unique strategy of regarding youths with an end-product published book is the catalyst for changes that further sparks them to write with passion and develop a true love for the art of writing. Carol Barnes earned a degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice/Psychology at a Colorado-based university. Kevin Barnes holds an advanced engineering and architectural drafting degree as well as being an licensed financial advisor for Primerica.